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Our firm offers comprehensive consultancy in all areas of business and financial activity, either directly or through collaboration agreements with renowned companies and professionals.

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We reduce the company's tax burden

Based on their balance sheets, we carry out yearly planning and monitoring in order to help clients meet their tax obligations whilst, at the same time, reducing their tax bill within the legal framework.

In short, this service includes:

– Consultancy and planning at the start of activity, studying the most suitable legal framework and optimal tax regime.

– Drafting and presentation of monthly, quarterly and yearly tax returns.

– Study prior to the end of the financial period, analysing the resources permitted in law to reduce the company’s tax liability.

– Representation in checks and inspections.

Includes all basic accountancy services

We offer our clients different options, from traditional accounting consultancy through to the implementation of analytical accounting and in-house self-management systems.

The main services we offer in this area are:

– Drafting of bespoke Financial Plans.

– Accounting mechanisms.

– Accountancy advice.

– Asset Control.

– End accounting.

– Drafting of balance sheets.

We manage tasks related to labour aspects

We process all documentation and activities related to labour aspects, and provide advice on possible tax breaks and different forms of employment contract. In this area our main services are as follows:

– Registration as self-employed.
– Company Registration in the Social Security system.
– Incorporations and withdrawals.
– Employment contract, extensions and renewals.
– Payroll and social security.
– Study of personnel costs and compensation.
– Quarterly returns (form 111), yearly summary (form 190), withholding certificates and communication of details to the payer.
– Work inspections.
– Representation in settlements and dismissals.

We act as intermediaries in commercial activities

We carry out a study of the most suitable legal form in line with company activity, based on financial liability, tax burden and flexibility criteria, amongst others.

Moreover, we assist in commercial acts such as transfers and constitutions of companies, and help restructure personal and business assets.

With regard to the restructuring of assets, our work consists of establishing an optimal asset structure in order to optimise tax liability, plan successions and inheritances and protect family assets against any downturns in business activity.

We provide legal assistance with the best professionals

We provide our clients with legal assistance through agreements with prestigious lawyers and law firms in the province, mainly by way of the renowned firm Martinez Echevarría, Pérez and Ferrero Abogados.

The first consultation is free of charge.

Documentation management
We convert all documentation to digital format

We scan and digitise all company invoices in a certified manner using hardware and software officially approved by the Tax Authority.

Once the invoices are in digital format, we provide clients with a viewer to access them and run queries using up to seven types of filter. Since this process has been fully approved by the Tax Authority, all physical documentation can be destroyed, freeing up the space taken by large amounts of paper.

We facilitate the export of goods and services

The first step is to carry out an initial diagnosis in order to assess the specific product or service and determine whether it can be exported. We then study the cost of internationalisation.

Once the viability of the product or service is known, along with the company’s financial capability to deal with this process, we analyse which international markets are most suitable and the best way to set up in the host country, both in terms of activity and the financing of operations.

All these operations are essential to reduce the risks deriving from any international activity.

Family company
We strive for maximum professionalism of the company

In family companies, we carry out an initial diagnosis in order to determine which questions related to the specific problems of this type of business are affecting the company in question.

Based on this study, we work with different members of the family to agree on a solution which allows the company to work with absolute normality. The main aim in this type of process should be to achieve maximum professionalism in both the family and the company.

We process and handle inheritances

We process inheritances from start to end, including tax planning, comprehensive advice on requirements and forms, and drafting and management of all corresponding documentation.

Bespoke training
We train all divisions involved in the company

We offer bespoke training for all entrepreneurs and self-employed who have a particular interest in acquiring knowledge in specific areas related to business management and administration.

At the request of our clients, we provide training in areas such as accounts, management, taxation and other services we offer.

We provide our clients with management tools

In our office we are convinced of the importance of new technologies. Our value proposal therefore focuses on using technology to offer our clients the solution best suited to their needs, allowing them to manage their accounts, labour and tax information by themselves without any problems.

The Self-management package includes the following options: Sage One, Spa Sage, Remote Desktop and Employees’ Portal, each of which are explained below.

The solution for more efficient work

The Sage One tool is designed for the self-employed, entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to increase their efficiency without the need for expert knowledge of accountancy.

It can be used to generate an internal database of clients and suppliers, enter products and services, manage quotes online, create invoices, quickly generate reports on the current situation and progress of the company, and manage cash assets in order to see the financial situation of the company in real time.

All available 24/7 simply by having an Internet connection. This means we can draw up and send a quote or invoice at the office, at home, or when visiting a client…

A service to facilitate company activity

Our Spa Sage solution provides small businesses and self-employed with a complete online management tool which does not require any installation, and can be used to prepare, print and email invoices, to control payments made and received, and to manage suppliers. All synced with our office.

The main benefits are:

– Access to the system from any computer.
– Available 24 hours a day, the only requirement being to have Internet access.
– Effective control of clients and suppliers, as well as payments made and received, without the need for expert knowledge of accountancy.
– Avoid having to carry physical documentation to the office by keeping synced.

Contact us for a no obligation free trial.

Remote Desktop
This includes advanced features for accountancy and labour aspects

For clients with more advanced needs, we offer access to our management programme through terminal server.

This service offers clients a management programme with more advanced accountancy and labour functions. In practice, this means outsourcing the management programme.

The main benefits include maintenance savings, access to an application with advanced functions without the need for initial investment, syncing of information between the office and the company in order to avoid duplication of consultancy tasks, whilst also allowing companies to, if they so require, take on part of the accountancy or labour functions.

Employees' Portal
The best way to streamline administrative processes for personnel

This tool is aimed at companies with a large payroll. Its function is to give employees access to their data, such as wage slips, certificates and personal details, whilst providing the people in charge of the different work centres with information on their employees, in order to streamline the different administration processes.


If you need a more personalised service, please contact us for further information with no obligation.